Style Essentials

Our ten must-have style items for men:

1. Dark, Trim, Plain Denim (APC New Standard)
2. Classic Pique Polo Shirt (Lacoste)
3. Cashmere V-Neck Sweater (J.Crew)
4. Casual, Non-Athletic Shoes (Converse Chuck Taylors)
5. Trim, Dark 2-Button Suit (Armani)
6. White Dress Shirt (Thomas Pink)
7. Black Cap-Toe Oxfords (Ferragamo)
8. Serious, Dressy Watch (Rolex Explorer)
9. Classic Sunglasses (Ray-Ban Caravans)
10. Classic Trench Coat (Burberry)

Honorable Mention:
Presentable Underwear (Black Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs)
Trim Khaki Trousers (Theory)


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