Hamilton Pioneer Automatic Watch

Hamiltons are solid watches backed up by a solid heritage, so that’s the first place we checked when we started looking for a military field watch. But every time we thumbed through the Hamilton catalog our eyes kept going back to the Pioneer. Details like the coin-edge bezel, cathedral hands, and onion crown make this a very distinctive watch, and definitely a bit more interesting than the bare-bones (yet still bad-ass) Field watches. At 42mm the Pioneer is definitely a bit of a statement, but not so garish that it looks obtrusive with a suit or a short sleeve tee.

Retail: $895
Link: Hamilton
Link: Authentic Watches ($675)

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APC Sailor’s Duffle Bag

Price: $195
Link: APC

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Style Essential: John Varvatos Schooner Laceless Boat Shoe

With spring right around the corner it’s time to get our legs back in sea shape.  We have been rolling up our khakis during lunch hours to get rid of that sickly pale blue hue our legs are so fond of in the winter, and adding some extra rock squats into our workouts to make our knees a little less knobby.  And what better way to reintroduce our gams into society than atop a pair of red JV boat shoe pedestals. Anyone can pull off brown or white boat shoes, but Poppy is for the daring.

Price: $175
Link: Zappos

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Man Cave Essential: SIDD Vin-O Wine Rack

Even if you’re not much of a drinker (in which case we have little in common with each other), it’s likely that you will occasionally have guests in your home who are wont to imbibe. For entertaining friends and for any other drink-worthy occasion (basically any time, really), it’s a good idea to keep a few bottles of vino on hand.  For storing and showing off your prized collection of Charles Shaw, we recommend foregoing more boring, traditional wine racks and choosing something with a bit more personality.  Our favorite is from the fine artisans at SIDD. Expensive, but worth it.

Price: $300
Link: SIDD Woodworking

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Man Cave Essential: Thom Felicia Copake Eagle Console Table

Now that most of the free world’s Straight Guy man caves have been transformed into gleaming palaces of civility by the discerning Queer Eye of Thom Filicia, there is finally a retail solution for injecting this anti-frattastic aesthetic into even more homes. Felicia’s collection with Vanguard Furniture is a pretty solid mix of mid-century to modern to traditional, but the standout for us is the resin cast eagle console table, whose (yes, he is essentially a person) sole job will be bearing the weighty awesomeness of our turntable.

Link: Vanguard

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Style Essential: Delvaux Newspaper Bag 1829

Belgian luxury house Delvaux has some of our favorite leather work bags.  The aptly-named Newspaper has a cutouts in the straps so you can keep your Financial Times (or The Onion, in our case) escapism handy along the otherwise soul-sucking commute.

Price: €1,610
Link: Delvaux

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Man Cave Essential: Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

For the office, the job site, or the campground, Stanley’s vacuum bottle has been keeping the hotness in your hot stuff since 1913.  The bottle holds 16oz — a Grande to go, for those of us who refuse to drink office-brewed coffee — and will keep its contents piping hot (or cold) for up to 15 hours.  Alternately, 16 oz is a lot of of shaken-not-stirred martini to pack for lunch.

Price: $25
Link: Stanley-pmi

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Style Essential: Gitman Vintage Oxford

From dressing up jeans and shorts to dressing down a suit, the mighty oxford is the man’s casual version of the little black dress.  Heavier cotton oxford cloth is perfect as temperatures start to cool and texture becomes a more important wardrobe consideration, and we actually prefer to keep our oxfords un-pressed to amp up that texture quotient.  The wash-dry-hang technique brings just enough scruff and disheveled-ness to the shirt without looking sloppy.

Price: $160
Link: Gitman Vintage

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Style Essential: Happy Socks

We have been airing out our ankles all summer, but now it is time to pack them away for the winter until they can emerge again, pale and groggy, into the warm spring air.  But this hibernation doesn’t have to be all dark and earthy all the time.  Occasionally a bold splash of color helps to liven up the fall grays, and Happy Socks have some of the best fearless options out there.

Price: $10
Link: Happy Socks

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Style Essential: Tod’s Gommini Driving Mocs

Combine with your favorite driving gloves, a pair of aviators, a classic sports car, and the open road.  Driving mocs are designed with comfort in mind for long stretches of asphalt.  The semi-rigid suede upper moves with your feet to keep your dogs stretched and happy, and the heel is designed to pivot for easy gas, brake, and clutch action.  The gummies (gommini in Italian, naturally) on the Tod’s allow for better traction and feel on the pedals than other fully-soled drivers.

Price: $425
Link: Barneys

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